Best Exchange To Buy Bitcoin Using Credit Cards

Best Exchange To Buy Crypto Using Credit Cards

While many crypto exchanges now support credit cards, this guide contains only the best platforms where you can purchase cryptocurrencies easily using the medium mentioned above.

Overall Best Performing Credit Card Exchange – Coinbase

Image source: Coinbase
Pug Score3.3/5
Credit Card Fees (Regular Rates)2.49% + additional fees
Wallet IncludedYes

Why we chose it

Coinbase’s regulatory success backed by multiple asset offerings makes it an outstanding exchange to buy cryptocurrencies using credit cards.

Coinbase Visa CardAdditional fees may apply
Users can earn cashback
Competitive fees and commissions
Allow for crypto online spending


Coinbase is a popular crypto exchange from the United States. Not only is it listed on the stock exchange, but it also has many products that attract crypto enthusiasts from around the globe.

As an exchange that supports fiat deposits, Coinbase allows buying, selling, deposits, and spending of cryptocurrencies using credit cards.

It launched the Coinbase Card in 2021 through a partnership with Visa. This allows Coinbase members to spend their crypto assets on any e-commerce or online stores platform that accepts Visa as a payment method.

Mastercard is another payment service you can use to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on Coinbase.

While Credit Card Fees apply when you use any payment method, you can save up to 4% using the Coinbase Card. Coinbase credit card purchases begin at a flat rate of 2.49% on all transactions.

Best Secured Credit Card Exchange – Gemini

Image source: Gemini
Pug Score4.5/5
Credit Card Fees (Regular Rates)3.49% + additional fees
Wallet IncludedYes

Why we chose it

Gemini provides top security that facilitates trust and the easy buying and selling of cryptocurrencies using credit cards.

Top securityAdditional fees
Competitive feesHigh fees
Gemini Credit Card
Multiple incentives and bonuses on Credit Card


Gemini is a US-based cryptocurrency platform that accepts buying and selling cryptocurrencies using credit cards.

Like Coinbase has done with Visa, Gemini partners with Mastercard to launch the Gemini Credit Card

The Credit Card is an incentivized way of buying and selling crypto. You may also earn cashback and bonuses like in Coinbase Card.

Another important incentive includes the non-payment of annual maintenance fees.

The downside of the Gemini Credit Card is the process of owning one. You may end up joining an everlasting waitlist that may never get fulfilled.

Alternatively, you can buy cryptocurrencies with your regular Visa or Mastercard credit cards but at a flat rate of 3.49%, minus subtle fees.

Best For Altcoins – Bybit

Image source: Bybit
Pug Score4.0/5
Credit Card Fees (Regular Rates)3.75% + additional fees
Wallet IncludedYes 

Why we chose it

Bybit has a lots of altcoins which many crypto traders will have great interest in.

Many altcoinsHigh fees
Good securityAdditional fees
User-friendly interface


Bybit supports credit card crypto purchases but not like Coinbase and Gemini. It uses a fiat gateway or payment services like Banxa and Simplex.

Unlike Coinbase or Gemini that get commissions when you use credit cards on their portals, Bybit doesn’t have a stake in the fees. Rather everything goes to the fiat gateway or payment service.

You can read Bybit’s help center article on fees to know how credit card purchases work on it.

With over 400 assets, including BTC, ETH, USDT, etc., Bybit is a great option for altcoin lovers.

Low-cost Credit Card Exchange – Luno

Image source: Luno
Pug Score4.0/5
Credit Card Fees (Regular Rates)1.49%
Wallet IncludedYes

Why we chose it

Luno offers one of the lowest fees for credit card purchases. Many low-income countries will find it very resourceful.

Low commissions on crypto purchasesFewer crypto assets
User-friendly interface
Good security


With a big presence in Africa, especially in Nigeria and South Africa, Luno is still a popular exchange in the UK.

It is one of the pioneering exchanges that support buying and selling cryptocurrencies using credit cards.

It also allows users to intuitively buy, sell, or invest in the crypto market at low costs. 

You just need basic KYC to get started on Luno. However, you may provide more documents to access higher deposits and withdrawals.


Image source: Binance
Pug Score4.5/5
Credit Card Fees (Regular Rates)3.5% + additional fees
Wallet IncludedYes 

Why we chose it

Binance’s popularity, backed by many crypto assets, makes it a top choice for crypto investors.

Multiple assetsRegulatory problems
Top security
User-friendly interface
Binance Credit Card


Binance is undisputedly a big name in the crypto space—supporting many transactional media that keep customers coming back.

The exchange partners with Visa to provide free credit card purchases on any transaction.

The only downside to Binance’s credit card offering is the regulatory limitations it faces in many regions it operates.

Binance is also rich in altcoins. You can instantly swap one token for another on its exchange portal. 

Using regular Visa or Mastercard credit cards will cost you from 3.5% flat rate for each transaction.


Image source: Kraken
Pug Score4.25/5
Credit Card Fees (Regular Rates)3.75% + additional fees
Wallet IncludedYes

Why we chose it

Kraken’s regulatory excellence and competitive fee structure makes it stand out from other credit card supporting exchanges.

Regulated exchangeAdditional fees apply
Instant buy/sell crypto
Top security
User-friendly exchange


Kraken supports instant crypto purchases using credit cards on its “Buy Crypto” portal. 

Prospects from supported regions must sign up and complete the intermediate or pro KYC levels before they can buy cryptocurrencies on Kraken.

Alternatively, users can connect their credit cards to Kraken’s Swipe wallet and make regular instant crypto transactions.

Kraken credit card processing rates begin at 3.75% for all transactions.


Image source: Bitpanda
Pug Score4.2/5
Credit Card Fees (Regular Rates)1.49% + additional fees
Wallet IncludedYes

Why we chose it

Bitpanda offers instant buying and selling of cryptocurrencies at low commissions.

Bitpanda Visa CardStrict KYC protocol
Credit card incentives and bonusesHigh shipping cost for Visa Card
Low-cost crypto purchases
User-friendly interface


Bitpanda’s partnership with Visa helped it launch the Bitpanda Visa Card. You have to apply to get it through Bitpanda’s official website.

Bitpanda’s Visa Card comes with many benefits like no annual fees, free ATM withdrawals on any Visa-supported ATMs, easy to spend option for tourists and travelers across the globe, etc.

To get the Bitpanda Visa Card, you must sign-up and complete at least Level 2 KYC, then apply accordingly through the help center. 

Ordering the Bitpanda Card is free. However, shipping it to users may take some time and would cost about $11.

Alternatively, you can still use your regular Visa and Mastercard credit cards to make instant purchases on Bitpanda while you wait for your Bitpanda card delivery.


Image source: Coinmama
Pug Score4.0/5
Credit Card Fees (Regular Rates)3.41%, plus additional fees
Wallet IncludedYes

Why we chose it

Coinmama is one of the best credit card exchanges for Australians and beyond.

Regulated exchangeHigh fees
Good customer support
User-friendly interface


Image source: Paxful
Pug Score4.5/5
Credit Card Fees (Regular Rates)2% (1% service, 1% processing fee)
Wallet IncludedYes

Why we chose it

Paxful is one of the best P2P exchanges where you can buy cryptocurrencies instantly (using credit cards) and through an escrow service.

Regulated exchangeLimited assets in the market
Fast transactions
Available to US customers
Very user-friendly


Paxful is a popular peer-to-peer exchange available in over 50 countries worldwide, including the US.

It offers low-cost instant cryptocurrency transactions using credit cards. Its fees structure begins at 2%, covering transaction processing and service charges, respectively.

Paxful’s peer-to-peer network connects users with merchants from their localities. They may choose to buy from one another using credit cards or bank transfers.


Image source: Nexo
Pug Score4.1/5
Credit Card Fees (Regular Rates)1.49% (EU countries) and 3.49% (non-EU countries)
Wallet IncludedYes

Why we chose it

Nexo is a fast-growing zero-fee crypto exchange in the industry. It charges low-cost service rates on crypto purchases using credit or debit cards.

Intuitive designLow number of altcoins
Top security
Regulated and licensed exchange
Excellent customer support


Nexo is another great exchange to buy cryptocurrencies using credit cards. It claims to offer a zero-fee transaction on crypto trades. 

However, if you’re to buy cryptocurrencies instantly, you’ll be charged a service and processing fee of 1.49% for EU countries and 3.49% for non-EU countries

Nexo has an excellent customer support system, plus a good number of popular coins to choose from. A downside to the exchange would be the limited listed altcoins.


Coinmama’s value proposition is the instant crypto purchases within minutes. This makes it stand out as a top exchange to buy cryptocurrencies instantly using credit cards.

Coinmama accepts Visa and Mastercard. You will simply have to sign up and complete basic KYC verification to get started. 

Flat rates of 3.41% plus additional fees apply when you use credit cards for crypto purchases on the exchange.

Image source:
Pug Score4.0/5
Credit Card Fees (Regular Rates)3%, plus an additional $1.20
Wallet IncludedYes

Why we chose it makes buying and selling cryptocurrencies easy and intuitive. 

Top securityHigh fees Card
User-friendly exchange

Overview allows anyone to buy cryptocurrencies instantly using credit cards and transfer to an external wallet.

The exchange also partners with Visa to provide the Card offering which allows low-cost crypto purchases and withdrawals. charges up to 3%, plus an additional $1.20 in service charges.

Comparing the Best Crypto To Crypto Exchanges

Crypto-to-crypto ExchangesCredit Card Fees (Regular Rates)Available TransactionsBest For (Traders)
Coinbase Exchange2.49% + additional feesInstant Buy/Sell, Spot tradeBeginners, Advanced
Gemini2.49% + additional feesInstant Buy/Sell, Spot tradeBeginners, Advanced
Bybit3.75% + additional feesInstant Buy/Sell, Spot trade, FuturesBeginners, Advanced
Luno1.49%Instant Buy/Sell, Spot tradeBeginners, Advanced
Binance3.5% + additional feesInstant Buy/Sell, Spot trade, FuturesBeginners, Advanced
Kraken3.75% + additional feesInstant Buy/Sell, Spot tradeBeginners, Advanced
Bitpanda1.49% + additional feesInstant Buy/Sell, Spot tradeBeginners, Advanced
Coinmama3.41%, plus additional feesInstant Buy/Sell, Spot tradeBeginners, Advanced
Paybis10%+Instant Buy/Sell, Spot tradeBeginners, Advanced
Coinsmart10%+Instant Buy/Sell, Spot tradeBeginners, Advanced
CEX.io3%, plus an additional $1.20Instant Buy/Sell, Spot tradeBeginners, Advanced

Things to Consider Before Using an Exchange That Supports Credit Cards

1. Security

Your credit card is a vital medium for doing transactions on and off the internet. You do not want to fall prey to security problems because your credit card contains many confidential pieces of information about you.

A simple hack could cause you a lot of damage instantly. So to be on the safer side, you need to carefully analyze your preferred exchange’s security protocols.

No exchange is 100% secure. So you need to ensure the exchange you are about to use is fully audited and has third-party security controls like anti-phishing measures and authenticators.

These will help keep you safe while doing transactions with your credit card on the exchange.

2. Fees

Many exchanges partner with online payment services which will require some fees to validate transactions. While most of these partnerships favor the payment service, some exchanges may try to include commissions.

A good exchange that accepts credit cards will clearly state its fee structures including those charged by the payment service. Ensure you go through the exchange’s fee policies and terms before using credit cards on it.

3. Regulation

A good exchange will relate its policies guiding regional fiat deposits and withdrawals. Regional fiat deposit protocols cover EU, UK, Islamic, and North American regions.

Islamic crypto traders will likely not pay some commissions using credit card transactions. The same may apply to EU regions that use SEPA payment mediums. North American crypto traders use cash-in-advance methods.

Whatever region or jurisdiction you find yourself in, ensure you use the recommended payment method to facilitate fast and easy transactions.

4. Exchange Type

In a broad sense, there are two kinds of exchanges: custodial and non-custodial exchange.

In custodial exchanges, you must sign up to use its features and products. These kinds of exchange hold and manage your asset portfolio, and even suggest investment options like staking or yield farming.

Non-custodial exchanges allow you to carry out instant crypto transactions. While many custodial exchanges are crypto-to-crypto-oriented, others may allow you to use credit or debit cards to buy cryptocurrencies, then transfer to an external wallet.

Understanding the exchange type helps you to adjust your expectations when you first get on an exchange.

Custodial exchanges have more features than non-custodial exchanges and require you to complete KYC before accessing some of their features and products. See more on this in our FAQ section.

5. KYC

Many great crypto exchanges require you to complete at least basic “know your customer” (KYC). While it might be a boring and stressful thing to do, it is in your best interest—and taking your time to do it will not hurt a bit.

While doing KYC, you must provide matching information as those in your original documents, otherwise stand a risk of losing your account and funds.

On the contrary, a non-custodial exchange will only require you to connect your wallet to purchase your coins. This option looks easy and simple, but also risky because of the model.

6. User Interface

Some exchanges have bad user and unresponsive interfaces for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. You don’t want to get stuck in this, trying to find your way around the purchasing box.

One way to find out about this, if you can access the instant crypto buying and selling portal—is through reviews. A good review either by random users or an authority website should get you started and know about the exchange’s user interface.


Do All Crypto Exchanges Accept Credit Cards?

Presently, many crypto exchanges accept credit cards, except, maybe for many decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap or Pancakeswap.
In the earlier years of crypto trading, credit cards were less common. However, many exchanges have realized how much it enhances user experiences on their platforms—and for this reason, adopts it to facilitate easy crypto transactions.
While many exchanges accept credit cards, some regions may still be unable to use this offer due to strict regulations from their government.

Is The Use Of Credit Cards Same As Fiat Deposit?

You use credit cards to deposit, or, otherwise withdraw funds (fiat) on a crypto exchange. So, they invariably mean the same thing. Just that you can the “use of credit cards” the subject, and “fiat deposit”—the object.

How Do I Buy Cryptocurrencies With Credit Cards?

Simply visit your preferred crypto exchange and sign up. On some occasions, you will need to complete KYC to buy cryptocurrencies. Other times, you can simply buy cryptocurrencies using credit cards without needing to sign up. 
Custodial exchanges require KYC, while non-custodial exchanges do not. Also, some custodial exchanges allow you to buy cryptocurrencies without doing advanced KYC verifications. OKEx and Luno are popular exchanges that do this.
Non-custodial exchanges include Bisq, Changelly, and many others. Coinbase and Binance are popular custodial exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies using credit cards.

Is Using Credit/Debit Cards To Buy Cryptocurrencies A Good Idea?

Using credit cards to buy cryptocurrencies has merits and demerits. Some of the merits include:

Easy transaction
Enhanced user experience
Flexibility in deposits and withdrawals, and so forth.

Demerits may include security-related risks and compromises. In that case, an insured, audited, or licensed exchange could be a perfect fit for you if you have trust issues.
So, after proper considerations and analysis of the exchange you choose, buying cryptocurrencies using credit or debit cards will make transactions easier for you.

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