Best Crypto To Crypto Exchanges

Best Crypto To Crypto Exchanges

Many centralized—and even decentralized exchanges are also in the crypto-to-crypto exchanges umbrella.

A crypto-to-crypto exchange allows you to trade, spend, and invest in the crypto market using an external or in-built exchange wallet system. Meaning that you may deposit or withdraw funds using a digital or hard wallet of your choice.

Since crypto-to-crypto exchanges are very common, finding the perfect platform to handle your trading and investment needs could become tricky.

Our guide should help you make a good choice while focusing on other crypto trading aspects. 

In the concluding section of this guide, you’ll also find some great tips on choosing a great exchange. Let’s get into it!

Best Performing Exchange – Binance

Image source: Binance
Pug Score4.5/5
Trading Fees (Maker/Taker)0.1%/0.1%
Cryptocurrency Traded500+

Why we chose it

Binance is an all-in-one crypto-to-crypto exchange with many features, plus an in-built wallet system, P2P exchange, and an advanced crypto trading system. It also offers many decentralized products that enhance its users’ trading experience.

Many tradable assets availableNot recommended for beginner traders
Exciting features and productsCharges subtle fees
Timely crypto price charts
Alternative investment options
Good customer support system
Available educational tool


Binance is a popular custodial exchange where you can trade or interchange various crypto options. Being in operation since 2017, it has grown to command a huge influence in the crypto trading space. 

From time to time, the exchange enlists new cryptocurrencies and supports up-and-coming projects.

To enhance customer experience, Binance has an in-built secure wallet system that is properly audited. Traders can easily move assets in and out of the exchange for a fee.

Alternatively, users can access Binance’s standalone product—Trust Wallet, to hold and spend their crypto assets.

Binance has been on the news recently over regulatory and customers criticisms in the US and abroad. This situation has led to several regional adjustments in its policies, including offering a US-only Binance platform. Read this article to learn how to use Binance.

Best Secure Exchange – Gemini

Image source: Gemini
Pug Score4.5/5
Trading Fees (maker/taker)0.25%/0.35%
Cryptocurrency Traded50+

Why we chose it

Gemini’s security is top-notch, and users will find its user-friendly platform exciting.

Top securityComplex fee structure
User-friendly interfaceCustomer support not great
Regulated exchange
Available to US customers


Gemini remains one of the crypto exchanges with outstanding security in the industry. In fact, its security measures have won significant recognition in the media and among many crypto enthusiasts.

The platform remains in the league of leading exchanges to have never experienced a major hack.

It is user-friendly and offers multi-asset trading, many advanced traders will find interesting. 

Although its Credit Card first-mover advantage makes it easy for crypto traders to hold and spend their assets in fiat, you can get started using direct crypto-to-crypto deposits and withdrawals from an external wallet.

Best Regulated Exchange – Coinbase Exchange

Image source: Coinbase
Pug Score3.3/5
Trading Fees (makers/takers)0.5%/0.5%
Cryptocurrency Traded50+

Why we chose it

Coinbase is a global crypto exchange brand. Its regulation, coupled with multi-asset options, makes it a top choice on our list.

Available to US customersRelatively high fees
A regulated exchangeLack a utility token
Advanced security protocolsBad customer support
Available educational materials
User-friendly interface
Many trading options


Coinbase has been an active crypto-to-crypto exchange since 2012. The US-based crypto platform is a top priority among crypto investors because of its expansive regulation by SEC, and its listing in the stock exchange.

Coinbase does not have a utility token like most exchanges do. However, investors can directly trade their stock through available brokerage services on the stock exchange or forex market.

As a custodial crypto platform, you can deposit cryptocurrencies from an external wallet and trust Coinbase to hold your assets through its in-built wallet system. Read this guide to learn how to use Coinbase.

Best for Futures and Derivative – FTX

Image source: FTX
Pug Score4.5/5
Trading Fees (maker/taker)0.025%/0.075%
Cryptocurrency Traded200+

Why we chose it

FTX is among the biggest names in the derivatives and futures trading space. It offers its trading services with high leverage and low fees, making it a great choice for advanced crypto traders.

User-friendly interfaceNot recommended for beginner traders
Low trading fees
Multi-asset exchange
Great customer support system
Real-time advanced charts


Sam Bankman-Fried has been popular in recent news; the reason being his box-breaking FTX exchange.

FTX is a top choice for many crypto investors and traders because it offers many investment options in the derivatives trading ecosystem.

By depositing cryptocurrencies into its in-built wallet system, you are underway accessing one of the largest databases for derivatives and inverse derivatives trading options.

FTX’s security is okay, but you should perform due diligence that complies with industry-security standards to secure your funds and information on the platform.


Image source: Kraken
Pug Score4.25/5
Trading Fees (maker/taker)0.25%/0.25%
Cryptocurrency Traded100+

Why we chose it

Kraken provides assured security and crypto trading regulations for traders and investors.

Top security mechanismComplex fee structure
Regulated exchangeBad customer support system
Available to beginner traders
Available to US customers
User-friendly interface
Advanced chart system


Kraken is one of the earliest centralized crypto-to-crypto exchanges in the industry. Its popularity came shortly after the abrupt liquidation of Mt. Gox—a popular bitcoin trading platform at the time.

As a US-based crypto-to-crypto exchange, Kraken is a legally-backed and properly audited cum secure platform. It boasts as one of the few crypto exchanges not to experience a hack in the past.

Simply signing up and completing KYC gives you instant access to its features and products. Direct crypto deposits from external wallets are the number-one way to get started on the platform.


Image source: KuCoin
Pug Score4.2/5
Trading Fees (maker/taker)0.1%/0.1%
Cryptocurrency Traded500+

Why we chose it

Despite regulatory struggles, KuCoin emerges as one of the few exchanges to stand the test of time. Additionally, its wide range of offerings makes it a top choice for intermediate and advanced traders.

High leverageNot-so-good user interface
Multiple asset exchangeNot available to US customers
Available educational materialsQuestionable security 
Advanced price charts


KuCoin is a Singaporean crypto-to-crypto exchange founded by two tech geniuses—Michael Gan and Top Lan.

Although not regulated, KuCoin offers as many options as Coinbase and Kraken combined, and even more.

Crypto-to-crypto deposits and withdrawals are the easiest and safest ways to start managing your assets and trading on the platform.

KuCoin’s non-regulatory backlash puts it under high scrutiny in high-income countries like the US and UK. 

Furthermore, security on the exchange seems to be wavering. Users may need to maintain strict protocols to keep their funds and information secure on the platform.

Huobi Global

Image source: Huobi Global
Pug Score4.0/5
Trading Fees (maker/taker)0.2%/0.2%
Cryptocurrency Traded300+

Why we chose it

Huobi Global is constantly rebranding to suit the taste of emerging crypto trends. Its first-mover advantages in the crypto trading and decentralized finance industry make it a top pick for advanced traders.

Good customer supportNot open to US customers
Low fees
Multi-asset exchange
Regulated exchange
Many alternative investment options


Huobi’s success began in China but shortly became incapacitated when the Chinese government banned the use and trade of cryptocurrencies in the region.

However, the crypto ban in China only opened doors to new possibilities for the brand in the global sphere. Huobi rebranded to Huobi Global in 2018 to expand its services to other crypto hubs. 

Huobi’s rich history and solid marketing strategies won it angel investors that helped it raise funds to achieve its goals and roadmap.

Currently, the exchange has offices in many regions outside of China where it also has operating licenses: The UK, Thailand, Seychelles, etc., to mention a few.


Image source: Bybit
Pug Score4.0/5
Trading Fees0%/0.1%
Cryptocurrency Traded200+

Why we chose it

Bybit is a multi-asset crypto trading platform. Many intermediate and advanced traders will find it very resourceful.

Low feesUnregulated exchange
High leverageNot open to US customers
Insurance on investors’ funds
Advanced chart system
Multi-asset exchange
Many alternative investment options


Since 2018 and counting, Bybit’s resilience has made it stand out from competitors. In such as short span, its services have made it a go-to crypto-to-crypto exchange.

The exchange suffers major legal and regulatory blows and has ceased operations in many regions like Japan, the UK, and Canada.

Despite its regulatory blow, Bybit is still a top choice for many high-volume crypto investors because of its multi-asset trading, low-cost trading, and industry-standard security measures it adopts.

Image source:
Pug Score3.7/5
Trading Fees (maker/taker)0.2%/0.2%
Cryptocurrency Traded1000+

Why we chose it has over 1300 cryptocurrencies listed on its exchange, which can boost traders’ experiences on the platform.

Multiple asset exchangeUnfriendly user-interface
Top securityNot recommended for beginner traders
Advanced chartsCustomer support is not-so-great
Many alternative investment optionsLow leverage
Available educational material


Since rebranding from, is a top crypto-to-crypto exchange in the world. Its services spread across many jurisdictions where crypto trading is little or not sublime, especially in Asia and Africa.

There are currently more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies listed on The exchange’s multi-asset option makes it a top choice for advanced crypto traders and investors.

In all its glory,, like most top exchanges, suffer a regulatory blow in the jurisdictions it operates. 

Although operates the standard crypto security measure—like cold wallet storage, its platform’s security is still questionable following hack cases in the past.

Image source:
Pug Score4.2/5
Trading Fees (maker/taker)0.4%/0.4%
Cryptocurrency Traded100+

Why we chose it is a fast-growing crypto-to-crypto exchange that offers amazing features and products that institutional and advanced traders will find interesting.

Multi-asset exchangeComplex fees
Top securityNot-so-great customer support
Many alternative investment optionsHigh minimum deposit
User-friendly interface

Overview offers nearly similar features as Gemini. The Hong Kong-based crypto-to-crypto exchange is popular for its Visa Card product.

Since its launch in 2016, has grown to become a powerhouse in the crypto trading space, earning its place in our updated best crypto-to-crypto exchanges list. has an operating license from Malta. However, this license may not apply to many other jurisdictions due to different views on the adoption and use of virtual currencies.

Comparing the Best Crypto To Crypto Exchanges

Crypto-to-crypto ExchangesTrading Fees (maker/taker)Available TransactionsBest Known For
Binance0.1%/0.1%P2P, Spot trade, Margin trade, FuturesAltcoins, P2P
Gemini0.25%/0.35%Spot trading, OTCAltcoins, OTC
Coinbase Exchange0.5%/0.5%Spot trades, OTCOTC, Altcoins
FTX0.025%/0.075%Futures, Spot, Margin, Derivatives & Inverse DerivativesDerivatives & Futures, Low fees
Kraken0.25%/0.25%Spot, Margin, OTCAltcoins, OTC, Margin Trading
KuCoin0.1%/0.1%P2P, Spot, Margin, OTCAltcoins, OTC, Margin Trading
Huobi Global0.2%/0.2% Spot, Margin, FuturesAltcoins, OTC, Margin Trading, Futures
Bybit0%/0.1%Spot, Margin, FuturesLow fees
Gate.io0.2%/0.2%Spot, Margin, FuturesAltcoins, OTC, Margin Trading, Futures
Crypto.com0.4%/0.4%Spot, Margin, OTC, FuturesAltcoins, OTC

Things You Should Consider Before Using a Crypto-To-Crypto Exchange

Below are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a crypto-to-crypto exchange:


A standard crypto-to-crypto exchange should be properly audited and given security certification by a reputable Blockchain Security Management body like CertiK, among others.

It doesn’t end at getting a security audit; the crypto platform must ensure it strictly follows top security protocols like

  • Hot and cold wallet storage protocols
  • Integration of third-party security measures like authentication
  • Alternative security measures like login alerts, anti-phishing alerts, etc.

While security is everyone’s duty, the crypto-to-crypto exchange should constantly provide room and notification measures to remind users to do their part. You must also read any platform’s terms and conditions on security before signing up to avoid future complaints.

Fees and Commission

You should look out for fees on the crypto-to-crypto exchange you are about to choose. Not just any fees—subtle fees. 

Many crypto exchanges that promise low fees try to recuperate their commission in subtle ways to the detriment of the traders or investors.

Fees add to user experience on any crypto-to-crypto exchange. Ensure you properly read the exchange’s terms regarding the distribution of its fees structure. This will help prevent you from falling prey to some subtle fees that are legal but ignored often.

Another fee trap on many crypto exchanges is those emanating from slippage or price chart errors. You could lose your earnings or capital as a result of slippages.

Regulation & Licensing

As a matter of fact, not many top crypto-to-crypto exchanges on our list excelled in this category—because of the backlash virtual currencies face in many jurisdictions worldwide.

It would be nice to know that regulation and licensing are nearly different notions. (You will learn more about this in the FAQ section.

Customer Support

Customer support is a go-to place when you encounter difficulties on a crypto platform. While many crypto-to-crypto exchanges lag in this area, others just leave you with little or no customer support options.

You don’t want to get stuck on your preferred exchange due to a lack of customer support. Although rare, if you can find a good crypto exchange where real humans give feedback, you shouldn’t hesitate in choosing it, especially as a beginner in the space.


Binance is a popular exchange that has faced many criticisms from the government of different jurisdictions and users. However, the exchange has continued to excel in every crypto sector it operates.

Reputation makes Binance stand out regardless of the criticisms. How it has handled tough situations in the past, including security and program glitches, among others, gives users the notion that it can handle their needs.

Traders are always on the lookout for proof and not theory, and Binance has regularly proved that it can manage its ecosystems with or without regulation from the government through its innovations and protocol integrations.

Trading Volume

You would want to be sure you’re not alone on an exchange. One way to get proof is through the exchange’s trading or operating volume. The volume amount and exchange’s tokenomics will show you how the exchange is performing, and assure you that it can accommodate your trading needs or manage your portfolio.


What is a Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange?

A crypto-to-crypto exchange is a platform where you can deposit, trade, and withdraw your cryptocurrencies using a crypto wallet-to-wallet system. That is, you can send assets from an external wallet to your trading account and withdraw using the same method.

How Do You Get Started on a Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange?

Getting started on many crypto-to-crypto exchanges requires depositing funds from an external wallet into your trading or investment account.
Since your primary deposit and withdrawal method is through a wallet (in-built or external), you’re going to need just to complete the basic KYC verification. However, this will depend on your withdrawal volume and the kind of account you want.

Is it Advisable to Use an Unregulated Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange?

Many top exchanges like Binance and Bybit are unregulated. So an exchange being “unregulated” is not a criterion to determine competency.
However, experts would advise that you use a regulated or licensed exchange to trade to avoid encountering future legal and financial problems. The reason is that you are liable to lose your funds if the said exchange stops accepting customers in your region.

Regulation Vs. Licensing—are They the Same?

While regulation and licensing are often used interchangeably, they have contrasting notions. Nevertheless, both processes confirm that the crypto exchange would not compromise its trustworthiness no matter the situation.
Regulation applies to a more general setting, while licensing tends to specificities, such as a region or jurisdiction.
A good example is Binance. Binance.US is a licensed crypto trading platform, while Binance Global suffers a huge blow with regulation. 
This means that Binance.US’s license allows it to operate in the US alone because it conforms to the country’s regulatory concerns over virtual currencies. But that doesn’t mean that anyone worldwide cannot still use the Binance.US. Jurisdictional law is the only determining factor regardless.

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