StormGain Review – Is It Safe and Legit?

StormGain Exchange Review

StormGain offers you a crypto exchange with the features of a traditional exchange and a DeFi exchange. How? Trading cryptocurrencies on StormGain feels more like you’re trading with a brokerage platform. 

Plus, leverage is tremendous that you can capitalize on it to increase your chances on the market. As DeFi intuitive, you can get started with just your username and email, and your profile is protected and private. 

In this review, we’ll examine StormGain to know if it’s a legit platform. Additionally, we’ll understand its fee structure and its pros and cons.

At a Quick Glance

4.0 rating
Pug Score
Pug Score4.0/5
Fees No trading and crypto deposit fees
Supported Cryptocurrencies20+
Suited ForBeginners and Advanced Traders
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Key Findings

StormGain is a great crypto trading platform with interactive UI and user experience. With TradingView charting system integrated into it, you can personalize your trading preferences.

The platform has an in-built secure wallet. User privacy is also great. But fees can be outrageous, especially withdrawal or credit card fees.

StormGain is available in 100+ countries, making it easily accessible to many crypto enthusiasts worldwide. You can either use its web or mobile apps, which have the same features. Users can always take advantage of the available bonuses and the different ways to earn on the platform.

Beginners and advanced traders can use itFees are high on the platform
Intuitive UI/UXVery few cryptocurrencies traded
Available globally in 100+ countriesNot available to US citizens
In-built and secure walletNot regulated
Wide range of offerings
Commissions and bonuses are available
Ease of access and use is great
The Charting system is responsive and uses real-time
No crypto deposit and trading fees

What is StormGain?

StormGain is a cryptocurrency trading platform operating from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The company is available globally in over 100 countries and boasts over $1 billion in daily trade volume.

The platform offers you leverage up to 300x on crypto trading, so you can trade in high volumes after technically analyzing the market. StormGain has sponsored different football clubs, the latest of which is the top-tier Italian side, S.S. Lazio. 

Range of Offering

If you are looking out for a feature-rich crypto exchange, then StormGain is probably your go-to place. StormGain offers a variety of features and products that enhances trading on the platform. In this section, we analyze the necessary features you may be looking out for on StormGain.

Crypto Exchange and Trading

On the StormGain exchange, you can swap cross-chain supported cryptocurrencies. You can exchange one crypto for another at timely intervals—for instance, BTC for USDT, BTC for ETH, and many more.

Likewise, you can also trade different cryptocurrency pairs such as BTC/USD, BTC/USDT, etc. You can personalize the trading chart for these pairs and save the settings so you wouldn’t have to make the same changes next time you want to trade the pairs.

The platform is pretty fast that you can execute various crypto trades in real-time. Also, the platform doesn’t charge commissions during trades or for using the available trading tools and, such as Fibonacci, Bollinger bands, etc.

There are trading options such as Margin trading that allow you to leverage up to 300x. Also, you can trade derivatives and futures on the exchange and increase your investment portfolio.

StormGain Buy Crypto

StormGain allows you to buy Bitcoin using credit cards. The platform supports Visa and Mastercards, and standard rates apply when you use them.

After buying BTC, you can capitalize on StormGain’s USDT Settlement program to convert and magnify your crypto in USDT. You can deposit $100 and trade with 30,000 USDT.

StormGain Crypto Wallet

The crypto wallet is another StormGain offering that is in-built and feature-rich. The wallet is free, always active, and you can also swap cryptocurrencies easily. You can hold multi-assets and spend them effortlessly. 

StormGain’s uses top-security and encryption protocols to secure the wallet. However, holding your crypto in a hard wallet like Ledger Nano X or Trezor wallet is advised.

StormGain Bitcoin Cloud Miner

As a crypto trader, you may earn rewards by mining Bitcoin on StormGain’s incentivized and exclusive Bitcoin Cloud Miner program.

It is a free earning option on StormGain, and you can earn your first reward within four hours. To get started on StormGain’s mining program, follow the steps:

  • Sign up on StormGain.
  • Visit the Bitcoin Miner Section.
  • “Activate” the program. After 4 hours, you should get your first reward

When your rewards get up to $10, you may withdraw it into your trading account. You can increase your mining speed when you trade cryptocurrencies on the platform.

The speed depends on your trading volume and status level. Available levels are standard, gold, platinum, diamond, VIP1, VIP2, and VIP3. The good thing about this initiative is, you do not get to spend money on purchasing devices. 

You can get started with your phone; no special mining equipment is required, no risk attached, and your battery does not get drained like in the conventional PoW consensus.

Trading Signals

In a bid to support traders and enhance their profit margin, StormGain’s Trading Signal program offers you free trade signals which you can apply and increase your trading chances.

Although using the signal does not guarantee profits because of the high volatility of crypto assets, you can leverage it to make trading decisions based on StormGain’s signal indicators, including risk-managed “profitability and probability” signals.

Commission and Fee Structure

There is a commendable fee structure on StormGain. Fees may be in-house or regular standard fees in crypto exchanges, such as trade execution (makers and takers) fees. Here’s is an overview of the fee structure on StormGain.

Trading Fees (Makers/Takers) fees

There are relatively no trading fees or commissions when you execute a buy or sell order on the platform. However, you pay a 10% commission from the profit you make on any trade. If a trade is unsuccessful, you do not pay any commissions to StormGain.

Exchange/Swap Fees

You pay fees when you swap one crypto asset for another on StormGain. The fees vary from one crypto pair to another, and their significance depends on the amount exchanged. The fees range from 0.095% to 0.25%.

Credit/Debit Card Deposit Fees

Standard credit/debit card fees apply when you use credit/debit cards to buy cryptocurrencies on StormGain. 

For deposits, you pay a 5% commission. For instance, if you deposit a minimum of $50, you pay a commission of $10. It increases as the amount deposited increases. However, the rate remains the same.

Crypto Deposit/Withdrawal Fees

You do not pay any crypto deposit fees on StormGain. However, withdrawal fees apply. The withdrawal fees include a “fixed withdrawal fee” and an “additional withdrawal percentage fee.”

Although it may vary depending on the crypto value in the market, the fixed withdrawal fee is the standard minimum withdrawal fee that applies to transactions. On the other hand, the additional withdrawal fee is a compulsory additional percentage fee charged by StormGain on withdrawal; it is usually a fixed 0.1% fee.

Withdrawal fees also apply to SEPA countries that use the Euro. It includes a 0.1% withdrawal fee and a 5% exchange commission.

In-house commissions

In-house commissions may apply when you use StormGains products or features. However, they are usually insignificant.

Image Source: StormGain

Ease of Account Opening

Opening an account with StormGain is easy. Depending on your internet speed, your account will be ready in a few minutes, and your StormGain trading journey is underway. Here’s how you do it:

  • Visit StormGain’s official website or download the mobile app on Google Playstore or Apple Store to get started (you can download directly from the platform by scanning the QR code on the “download” dropdown menu at the top right corner of the landing page).
  • Navigate to “Get Started, which takes you to the registration page.
  • On the registration section, enter a valid email address, your mobile number, and create a password.
  • Agree to the service policies, and confirm you are not a US citizen.
Image Source: StormGain
  • Next. is to wait for one or two business days to confirm your mobile number or email with further instructions on the KYC verification process.

KYC Verification

You do not need a KYC verification to get started on StormGain. But you must provide your valid details to ensure you’re not spamming the platform as a user or you’re not a robot.

However, KYC applies in situations such as confirming your identity as European or Non-European, making deposits or withdrawals and participating in StormGain’s incentivized programs.

Image Source: StormGain

Deposit and Withdrawal

It is easy to deposit and withdraw on StormGain. You can deposit using a credit or debit card. Standard fees apply when you use credit/debit cards to deposit. 

It is worthy to note that you can’t make deposits of any kind, including those involving cryptocurrencies, until you confirm your profile.

However, withdrawal is usually in a crypto-to-crypto format, whereby you can exchange the earned crypto to a more convenient one and withdraw directly to your digital or hard wallet using an address.

In the preceding sections, we have covered fees emanating from withdrawals, and they apply to both European and Non-European citizens.

User Interface and Trading Experience

StormGain’s UI is excellent and carefully designed to enhance the trading experience on the platform. It is designed in a black primary theme to enable a comprehensive trading environment.

You can personalize your notifications and preferences on StormGain. To do that; 

  • Locate your “Profile & Settings.” You can find it in the drop-down menu with “USDT” at the top right corner of the platform after you log in.
  • You can now edit your profile settings, enable SMS notification and 2FA authenticator, as well as other push notification settings you wish to adjust.

Desktop and Web App

There is no desktop application for StormGain, but you can access all of StormGain’s features on the web and mobile app. 

Demo Account

As a beginner, you can get started with StormGain’s demo account. With the demo account, you can learn how the exchange works, trade cryptocurrencies, and carry out technical analysis.

It also gives you a first-hand experience of the use of available trading tools. While trading on a demo account, you get virtual cryptocurrencies as obtainable in traditional exchanges. However, they are non-redeemable, just for learning and illustration purposes.

Islamic Account

The Islamic account conforms with Islamic Sharia law. As a Muslim, you can access StormGain and trade cryptocurrencies without fear of violating Islamic laws.

The Islamic account is synonymous with the standard trading accounts, save that their fee structures differ slightly.

Image Source: StormGain

Asides from those also enjoyed in regular accounts, some of the benefits enjoyed in the Islamic account include:

  • Fiat withdrawals
  • There are no interests, and commissions do not rollover
  • Traders can hold positions more prolonged than in the ordinary account (no time limit specified)

Advanced Charting

Advanced Charting is another intuitive feature offered by StormGain. The platform integrates TradingView to present users with responsive and advanced charts in real-time.

Traders can capitalize on the charting system to make well-informed technical analyses and increase their profit by using innovative and advanced trading tools, including indicators and full-screen mode.

Image Source: StormGain


There are exciting bonuses and commissions given to loyal traders.

Loyalty Programme 

StormGain introduced the loyalty program to compensate for high volume and loyal traders. It offers level-based bonuses. As stated earlier, the available levels are standard, gold, platinum, diamond, VIP1, VIP2, and VIP3.

Basically, if your account status is above the standard level, you earn bonuses when you deposit. However, you must abide by some rules, which include:

  • You must regularly trade even after you’ve upgraded to the next level. Let’s say you’ve upgraded from standard to gold, and continuous, you must continue trading or trade at least once a month to avoid being downgraded.
  • To qualify for the following status level, you must meet the threshold balance in USDT, either in trading volume or the amount of liquidity provided.
Image Source: StormGain

Referral Bonus

You can earn through referrals when you invite your friends and family using your unique referral link. To find your referral link, locate “Refer a Friend” in the dropdown menu under the “More” section.

You can also see when someone signs up using your referral link. Whenever your referral trade, you earn bonuses in trading fees. Plus, you make 15% of the mining profits.

Image Source: StormGain

Affiliate Programme

You can earn rewards when you promote StormGain on your social media, website, or Youtube channel. When someone signs up using your promo code, you get credited the commissions into your affiliate account.

Anyone can participate in the affiliate program but must abide by the terms of service. To join, you must fill an affiliate Google Docs form and answer the questions in the form. 

Image Source: StormGain

Mobile Application

StormGain’s mobile app offers the same features as the web version, including a responsive charting system, indicators, and Bitcoin miner. You can sync it and trade simultaneously on both apps. You can download the app from the website or visit Apple Store or Playstore to do so.

Supported Cryptocurrency

StormGain supports over 20 cryptocurrencies, the most popularly traded crypto assets being USDT, BTC, ETH, BCH, RIPPLE, and LTC.

You can trade these assets in pairs and swap them for one another on the exchange. Respective fees apply to depositing and withdrawing them.

Educational Tools

StormGain ranks among the crypto trading platforms that have its investors at heart. Educational resources are never lacking on StormGain. They come in the following forms:

  • Video Education: You can watch videos on how to navigate around the exchange. You can also apply what you’ve learned to your Demo account and see how it works. StormGain uploads tons of invaluable videos on the video education page.
  • Guides: Guides cover information on getting started on the platform, how to buy crypto, daily reviews, and how to withdraw funds and rewards on StormGain. You can learn this information and begin trading on the platform immediately.
  • Blog Posts: In the blog, you will find resources that may interest you about the platform plus the general crypto market. 

Customer Support

Customer Support on StormGain is good. Users can contact the platform or get answers to questions through any of the following media:

  • FAQs: You can get answers to your queries on the FAQ page. Every page has a relative FAQ that guides you on how to use the product or offerings.
  • Live Chat Bot: You can find the 24/7 live chatbot floating on your screen. You can enter queries by activating a support ticket, including setting up and getting started on your Islamic account.

The live chatbot is always available to answer your questions. It can also resolve your problems by referring you to proper pages.

  • Social Media: StormGain is active on Twitter and Instagram. You may tag the company and get feedback.
  • StormGain News: This web page shares news surrounding the crypto market, the latest integrations on StormGain, and innovations in the DeFi ecosystem. You can leverage this also to predict the market movement of crypto assets and informed decisions.
Image Source: StormGain

Regulation and Security

Security on StormGain is excellent. As security continues taking the top spot as a problem to tackle in the crypto industry, CeFi and DeFi exchanges continue setting up protocols to enhance security on their respective platforms.

StormGain’s wallet offers some level of security to users (for solid protection, try using a hard wallet). The wallet doesn’t transfer the ownership of the private keys to StormGain at any point. 

That’s great news as it affords the users more autonomy and power over their funds. When it comes to regulation, StormGain is not regulated

Is StormGain Safe?

StormGain is safe for trading cryptocurrencies. It has increasing popularity and patronization within its key market locations.

According to SimilarWeb, StormGain receives monthly traffic of about 11M. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that the platform is safe even though it’s not regulated. 


StormGain is one of the cryptocurrency trading platforms with the best offering. With its Bitcoin mining program, you can earn passively without doing any work.

It also offers loyalty, referral, and an affiliate program to its users. Plus, the trade signal tools, which notifies you when the buy or sell trade is strong, enable you to decide which trade you should execute. You can get started on StormGain by registering and verifying your account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is StormGain Available to US Citizens?

US citizens cannot actively trade on StormGain due to prevailing local laws and regulations. As a non-US citizen signing up on the platform, ensure to tick the box that confirms you’re not a citizen of the USA.

Is StormGain Legit?

Yes. StormGain is a legit cryptocurrency trading platform. It keeps your user information private and secures your funds in its digital wallet.

How Does StormGain Mining Work?

StormGain Mining program allows you to earn BTC and USDT for free. To get started, sign up on the web app or download the mobile app. Locate the “Miner” program, click “Activate” to get started, you earn your first BTC or USDT in 4 hours. The minimum withdrawal is $10  worth of USDT.

How Long Does it Take to Mine 1 BTC on StormGain?

The amount of time it takes to mine 1BTC on StormGain is dependent on the status of your account. While it may take several days for a Standard-tiered account to mine 1BTC, a VIP3 account holder may do so in fewer days. You can increase your mining speed by increasing your trading volume on the platform or referring a friend or family.

What Countries Does StormGain Support?

StormGain is available in 4 continents and 100+ countries.

StormGain Review - Is It Safe and Legit in 2021?

StormGain Review - Is It Safe and Legit in 2021?
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4.0 rating
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