Review: An All-In-One Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Is Legit? Read this review before you make a move. Review 2021: An All-In-One Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

If you’re looking to trade in an intuitive crypto exchange with excellent features and low trading fees, you might want to consider Since its launch in 2016, the platform has increased significantly in market volume and number of users.

You can buy, sell, trade, and spend over 100 cryptocurrencies on the platform. What’s more, has incentivized trading propositions that maximize profitability for investors and traders. In this review, you’ll learn enough to decide if the plaftform is suitable for you.

At a Quick Glance

4.2 rating
Pug Score
Fees (Maker/Taker)35%/35%
Available Cryptocurrencies100+
Who Is It ForAvailable to Crypto Traders Worldwide (Local Restrictions may Apply)

Key Findings offers you a lot of tools, products, and features on a hybrid crypto trading experience. You can complete your KYC verification and access all of these tools, personalize your trading experience, and enjoy trading cryptocurrencies on the platform. has a league of professionals and a team of 1500 persons to bring you one of the best trading platforms you could ask for, plus the speed of execution of trade is also excellent on

Pros and Cons

Low feesThe platform is centralized and monitors your activities
It has a wide range of offerings and trading toolsCustomer support is not great
It is an Intuitive exchange platform with over 90 cryptocurrenciesMetal Visa Card takes time or is not available in every country
Governance token has a high value is and is cross-chainThe minimum deposit and withdrawal are $500 USDC and $100,000 USDC, respectively
Easy to sign up and access
Security is top-notch
Available of cross-chain DEXes for easy swapping
Yield farming is active
Crypto staking protocol is active
A digital wallet is available
Educational tools are available
KYC and AMLcompliant

What is is an exchange platform based in Hong Kong with offices scattered around the globe, including the US, Malta, Singapore, China, Japan, Bulgaria, Russia, India, Argentina, United Kingdom, and Australia.

It serves a worldwide community with more than 10M+ users worldwide, and you can access and trade various crypto assets on the platform. There are incentives to keep you hooked on the exchange. We’ll know more of this in the coming sections of this review.

Range of Offering

When it comes to features and products offered, has tons of them. Its team introduced some tools to get the most out of users, enhance their trading experiences, and increase the profitability of their trades and investments. range of offerings include:

1. Buy and Sell allows you to buy and sell crypto assets at standard rates. Plus, you can bid and sell non fungible tokens (NFT) and collectibles from high-value artists in their unique marketplace.

Using your credit or debit card, you can start bidding for NFTs from the lowest possible price, usually $0 and above. For crypto assets, it is easier to buy and sell on the platform and make withdrawals to your bank or wallet, or even an external wallet that isn’t native to

2. Spend Spend offering comprises features such as Metal Visa Card and Pay

Metal Visa Card

You can buy and spend your crypto assets with the Metal Visa Card option, including the governance token called the CRO token. 

The Metal Visa Card is peculiar to, and you can apply for it on the platform. Before doing so, you must possess CRO tokens and have participated in staking protocols for up to 180 days.

Application for a Metal Visa Card is easy but requires KYC verification. On completing your sign-up and KYC verification process, you can proceed to the “Card” section on the app. Then select the card you wish to get and have it shipped to you. You can save up to 8% from purchases and spendings on by using the card. Pay Pay is another feature provided in the Spend offering. With the Crypto Pay option, you can spend your crypto and earn rewards. Other things you can do include using crypto to buy NFTs, make purchases on supported online stores, purchase Gift Cards, gift cryptocurrencies, top-up mobile airtime. Not only that, you can save up to 10% on your spending by using the Pay option.

3. Crypto Earn

The Crypto Earn offering allows you to stake crypto assets and earn rewards at up to 14.5% APR. You earn rewards weekly or monthly, depending on your personalized settings. You can stake CRO tokens, high-volume crypto assets, and stable coins and earn multi-asset rewards as an investor.

4. Price Checker

With’s Price Checker feature, you can know the instant prices of crypto assets. The information provided here is resourceful and can assist you during trades.

5. DeFi Swap partners with cross-chain platforms such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap to create a bridge between blockchains. Thus, you can exchange CRO tokens earned in farming pools to other cross-chain token protocols as BSC tokens.

6. DeFi Wallet

DeFi wallet makes it easy to hold, stake, and spend your crypto-assets. You are in total control of your private keys when using’s DeFi wallet. It is secure and easy to use. 

7. DeFi Earn

DeFi Earn enables you to participate in yield farming, a protocol in which you can loan crypto assets and earn interest. It works like the traditional banking system and compounds your earnings using APYs. You can provide liquidity with over 35 crypto assets and earn up to 20X your investment.

8. Ecosystem

The Ecosystem provides integration protocols for blockchain developers and crypto enthusiasts. It provides an interactive environment for the crypto community to build future blockchain innovations and trade securely on the platform.

It includes Chain and Pay for Business, both resourceful for the crypto community to make the most out of protocols.

9. Supercharger

The supercharger is another feature that increases the profitability of investors on Based on the amount of liquidity provided by an investor using’s governance token, the platform calculates and distributes rewards after every charging period.

Commission and Fee Structure

One thing most folks lookout for during reviews such as this is to ascertain how high or low fees are. Well, the good news is that the fees aren’t scary. You can earn commissions and get discounts on

Commissions become active through referral bonuses of up to 40% when your referral signs up using your unique referral code, deposits, and trades on the platform. Discounts apply when you join VIP Trading or when you trade at very high volumes. It is active when you provide high liquidity to staking pools or the exchange. offers one of the lowest fees structure when compared to other decentralized exchanges. The platform is pretty much free to use. Deposits using crypto and Metal Visa Cards may attract processing and VAT fees.

There are no fees when crypto-assets are exchanged or transferred between protocols like DeFi wallets within the platform. However, fees apply to some categories such as:

Trading Fees (Maker/Taker Fees)

Maker and taker fees apply when you trade on These fees are minor when compared to fees charged when using related platforms. The fees apply to spreads during trades. Market markers or fund providers’ fees are lesser than that of takers who short the market. charges you a fee for every trade you execute until you fill your orders. However, VIP trading fees apply when you trade at high volumes. Discounts may apply to every transaction you make on the platform.

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Withdrawal Fees fees apply when you withdraw cryptocurrencies. Withdrawal fees vary from one cryptocurrency to another. You should pay attention to these fees before making any withdrawal. You may also want to withdraw in bulk to reduce the effect of the charges.

Image source:

Credit Card Fees

Standard fees apply when you buy or spend using credit cards. However, with’s Metal Visa Card, there are no fees attached when you purchase cryptocurrencies.

Swap Fees

Swap fees apply when you swap between ERC-20 and BEP20 tokens on DeFi platforms like Pancakeswap or Uniswap. does not decide these fees; instead, the exchange platforms do.

Ease of Account Opening

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It is very easy to create an account with By visiting the website, you can sign up to join its exchange web software. The account creation process requires you to enter your valid details and follow the ensuing instructions.

After submitting the form, you can access the charts and features of the exchange/trading app. However, to deposit or withdraw on the platform, you must provide your KYC details.

KYC Verification is a centralized and decentralized crypto trading platform requiring KYC verification to enjoy full rights and tons of features/products. For the KYC registration, you must provide:

  • Your full name
  • Government-issued ID (Driver’s license or passport)
  • A recent photo of yourself

Verification may take 2-3 days before confirmation. If unsuccessful, you can try again or contact customer support for proper guidance.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Ordinarily, does not support deposits and withdrawals using fiat. However, you can purchase and withdraw cryptocurrencies using other crypto-assets through an external crypto address. 

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With the introduction of the Metal Visa Card, deposits and withdrawals are possible with fiat. However, you’ll need to complete your KYC, hold, and stake CRO tokens to order it. Plus, it may take some time to get shipped to your destination or possibly not even arrive due to regulatory problems that may suffice.

Cryptocurrencies that your preferred wallet does not support can be exchanged or swapped on cross-chain platforms like Uniswap and Pancakeswap. Withdrawal fees apply accordingly. The minimum deposit and withdrawal is $500 USDC, while the maximum deposit is $250,000 USDC and $500,000 for withdrawal.

Platform User Interface and Trading Experience Exchange allows you to trade over 1000 crypto pairs at low fees. Users can access the exchange on the web as well as the application. It is easy to use and navigate, and with one click, you can view all the available tools and features.

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There is a comprehensive charting system that provides timely price actions of crypto assets. You can personalize your trading experience and customize your trade environment. is cross-platform and has a desktop application with all the features in the web application.

You can download and install it easily through their website. It also has an intuitive digital wallet. You can always toggle between dark and light modes, depending on your visibility status.

Trading Experience with is good. In terms of user experience, it is excellent, and the placement of orders is timely and hassle-free.

Mobile Application is mobile compatible. You can simply download its mobile application from Playstore or Apple Store. It has all the features in web and desktop applications, include a mobile digital wallet.

Supported Cryptocurrency

There are over 90+ supported cryptocurrencies, and you can trade them in pairs. You can trade high-volume and low-volume cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin, USDT, BNB, and many more cryptocurrencies. 

Educational Tools

There is an active educational tool on known as University. You can get cryptocurrencies, trading, and blockchain technology courses there. There are also other resources to enhance your trading experience, including a blog and FAQ section.

Customer Support

Customer support is not great based on user reviews, as feedback could take so much time to get to you. However, this may be different for other people. If you have any issue or query, you can contact customer support, activate a support ticket, and table your complaints. reaches out to its users through other digital channels such as Github and social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Telegram, and Discord. You can also talk directly to their customer support through Kakaotalk.

Regulation and Security

Being a centralized and decentralized exchange, follows regulations by international law enforcement authorities against AML policies. It is also KYC compliant, and you can find the platform’s regulatory inquiries on its About page. 

Security on is top-notch. The platform is audited and utilizes secure databases such as AWS for its online services. User data is highly protected. partners with Ledger Nano to protect user data in an offline cold wallet, with over $360 million stored offline. Corporate funds are, however, held in hot wallets to ease daily withdrawals.

Security is an utmost priority for, and there is a team of technical professionals who actively test for vulnerabilities on the platform.

Is Safe?

The simple answer is yes. is safe and secure for trading and insures your funds against third-party theft and hacking.


One thing we’ve successfully established in this review is that the platform is legit and worth your time and investment. It has some great features, and it’s pretty intuitive. However, the platform has some pitfalls, such as its poor support response time. But on a general scale, it’s a thumbs up for

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Charge Fees?

Yes. fees span across in-house fees when you use the exchange’s products, exchanges fees, and withdrawal fees.

Can I Buy Cryptocurrencies with Credit Cards?

You cannot buy cryptocurrencies with your traditional credit card. However, introduced a Visa card feature that you can apply to deposit and withdraw using fiat.

Can I Withdraw Cryptocurrencies with Credit Cards?

You cannot withdraw cryptocurrencies with credit cards. But you can withdraw cryptocurrencies using an external wallet address and then sell using P2P trades. However, with the Metal Visa Card feature, you can make withdrawals and spend your cryptocurrencies online. You can also purchase collectibles and NFTs using this card.

How Do I Get a Metal Visa Card?

Before you qualify to get’s Visa Card, you must be an active liquidity provider, which means that you must have staked at least 5000 CRO tokens in the last 180 days or have locked that same amount or more for 180 days. Then proceed to “Cards” and make a choice.

How Can I Spend My Crypto Via

Since direct fiat withdrawal is not possible, provides other options to enable you to spend crypto online. They include buying high-value Gift Cards like Airbnb, Amazon, and so on, making purchases online using your Metal Visa Card, or even buying NFTs or Collectibles on the NFT platform.

Where Can I Buy CRO?

CRO is’s native token. It qualifies you to participate in the platform’s staking protocols and yield farming pool. You can buy CRO directly on by exchanging your crypto with CRO on the exchange. Otherwise, if your crypto is cross-chain, you can visit Uniswap to exchange it with your ETH or any other coin. Review 2022: An All-In-One Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Review 2021: An All-In-One Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
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4.2 rating
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